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GoDaddy is like your friendly internet helper. They help you with things like getting your own special internet name (like a .com or .net), making a cool website, and telling people about it online. Lots of people all around the world like GoDaddy for this.

They don't just do names and websites, though. GoDaddy also has some other helpful stuff, like a place for you to sell things online, a way to send emails, and even a special place in the clouds for your internet stuff.

The best part? If you ever need help, they're always around, like a friend you can call anytime. You can talk to them on the computer, over the phone, or even send them an email. And guess what? If you ever feel like GoDaddy isn't your cup of tea, they'll give you your money back, no questions asked. Plus, they have secret codes that can help you save a bunch of money when you use their services. So, GoDaddy's like a friendly helper that's there for you whenever you need them. 

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GoDaddy Services

Sure thing! GoDaddy is like a friendly helper for your website dreams. It helps you grab a cool web address (like .com or .net), build a snazzy website, and keep it secure. You can even have your own professional email and hosting for your WordPress site. It's super popular around the globe! Plus, you can make up to 400 custom emails and have 100 mini-websites connected to your main one. GoDaddy is like a one-stop shop for all things website-related. They offer not just domain stuff, but also e-commerce options, email services, and cloud hosting. They've got tools to help spread the word about your website too, like blogs and social media help.

GoDaddy Hosting Plans

GoDaddy has got your website hosting needs covered with a variety of options. Right now, they're offering three main hosting services – Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Advanced Hosting. You can kickstart your website journey with their most budget-friendly plan, which starts at just Rs 119 per month. Here's a breakdown of the prices.

Shared Hosting: In this category, GoDaddy offers two paid plans. The first one, Web Hosting, is incredibly affordable, starting at just Rs 119 per month. It's perfect for basic websites. The other option, Web Hosting Advanced Plus, starts at Rs 1,159 per month and is a fantastic choice if you have a high-traffic website or an eCommerce platform.

WordPress Hosting: If you want your website to be lightning fast, you can go for the basic WordPress Hosting plan, which starts at Rs 239 per month. And if you're thinking about setting up an online store, the eCommerce Hosting plan begins at Rs 1,499 per month. Plus, you get access to over 75 free WooCommerce extensions to enhance your online shop.

Advanced Hosting: GoDaddy's VPS Hosting starts at Rs 439 per month and is ideal for developers and web designers who juggle multiple projects. For web applications that demand a lot of resources and need to be super speedy, there's the Dedicated Servers plan, beginning at Rs 8,839 per month. You can customize it to fit your specific needs.

GoDaddy Web Hosting Plans & Pricing - Deals

Want to know the newest prices for web hosting at GoDaddy? We've got all the scoop on their Starter, Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate plans, including any special deals they have going on! 

₹ 119.00 /month₹ 219.00 /month₹ 239.00 /month₹ 399.00 /month
Discount Available: Save 40% With a 3-Year TermDiscount Available: Save 51% With a 3-Year TermDiscount Available: Save 60% With a 3-Year TermDiscount Available: Save 60% With a 3-Year Term
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 1 website
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 30 GB storage
  • 1 database
  • Daily Backups
  • Free 1-click WordPress install
  • Standard Performance
  • 1 website
  • 100 GB storage
  • 10 databases
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Daily Backups
  • Free 1-click WordPress install
  • Free Professional Email (₹ 348.00/yr value) – 1st year
  • Free domain (₹ 499.00/yr value)
  • Standard Performance
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited storage
  • 25 databases
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Daily Backups
  • Free 1-click WordPress install
  • Free Professional Email (₹ 348.00/yr value) – 1st year
  • Free domain (₹ 499.00/yr value)
  • Increased processing power
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Daily Backups
  • Free 1-click WordPress install
  • Free Professional Email (₹ 348.00/yr value) – 1st year
  • Free domain (₹ 499.00/yr value)
  • Free SSL Certificate (₹ 4,399.00/yr value) – 1 year

GoDaddy Offers Today

Check out GoDaddy's awesome deals! Head to their website and scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says "deals." There, you'll find the latest discounts, coupons, and even free renewals. They have cool promo codes for new plans and you might even score some freebies on their wide range of offerings. Plus, they've got verified renewal codes you can use on many of their services. Want more deals? Check out their Discount Domain Club for the hottest offers this season! 🎉

List of offers for you: Best price guaranteed

Join the Discount Domain Club and score big! You can save a whopping 60% on over 400 top domains like .net, .com, .org, and more. Awesome, right? 

Domain ExtensionGoDaddy Price/YearPremium Membership Price/YearDiscount & Savings
.world₹ 3,280.47/yr₹ 2,030.47/yr38% Off
.website₹ 1,919.00/yr₹ 1,159.00/yr39% Off
.us₹ 1,561.72/yr₹ 624.22/yr60% Off
.tech₹ 4,479.00/yr₹ 2,689.00/yr39% Off
.support₹ 2,342.97/yr₹ 1,405.47/yr40% Off
.store₹ 5,519.00/yr₹ 3,459.00/yr37% Off
.reviews₹ 2,499.22/yr₹ 1,561.72/yr37% Off
.photography₹ 2,342.97/yr₹ 1,405.47/yr40% Off
.org₹ 1,399.00/yr₹ 936.72/yr33% Off
.news₹ 3,124.22/yr₹ 2,186.72/yr30% Off
.net₹ 1,399.00/yr₹ 858.59/yr38% Off
.movie₹ 31,249.22/yr₹ 18,749.22/yr40% Off
.me₹ 1,609.00/yr₹ 1,249.22/yr22% Off
.io₹ 4,789.00/yr₹ 2,967.97/yr38% Off
.info₹ 1,999.00/yr₹ 1,405.47/yr29% Off₹ 649.00/yr₹ 419.00/yr35% Off
.in₹ 699.00/yr₹ 499.00/yr28% Off
.global₹ 7,811.72/yr₹ 4,686.72/yr40% Off
.com₹ 1,099.00/yr₹ 691.41/yr37% Off

GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy is like a helpful buddy for getting your own spot on the web! They're awesome at taking care of your website name (that's a domain) and providing a home for your website (that's hosting). They have plans for individuals or if you're okay with sharing space. It's not just that - they also throw in cool stuff like a free tool to build your website and a way to keep your stuff safe online.

What's really cool? They're not gonna break the bank when it comes to buying a domain or getting it registered. And oh boy, their support team? Top-notch! They're like your trusty sidekick, always ready to help.

If you're a small business owner or dreaming of starting something on your own, GoDaddy is like the perfect toolset. You can build your very own website or blog, find smart ways to promote it online, or even start selling stuff online (that's eCommerce). They've got this big web of friends (partner websites and apps), so you won't need to run around looking for help or tools. It's like a one-stop shop for all your online dreams! 🚀

GoDaddy Coupons & Offers

At Snapbuy, we've got the newest GoDaddy coupons and offers to help you save money on your purchases. Take a peek at our list of awesome deals that work for both businesses and individuals. Happy saving! 😊🛍️

Top 10 GoDaddy Alternatives

Sure! Here are some great options for creating your own website: Shopify, Bluehost,, HostGator, SiteGround, Dreamhost, NameCheap, Network Solutions, WP Engine, and DreamHost. Lots to choose from! 🌟

Why Choose GoDaddy ?

Freebies and Savings:
Enjoy cool free tools, special members-only discounts, money-saving coupons, and much more—all on the house!

Customer Support:
Their customer support is like a friend on speed dial, available to help you 24/7/365. No exceptions!

Top-Notch Security:
Your online safety matters! They've got your back with top-tier security services like SSL Certificates, Managed SSL Service, and more. Plus, enjoy a flat 20% discount on these essential shields for your website.

Abundance of Applications:
Dive into a treasure trove of over 150 free applications! Create CMS sites, blogs, forums, and more with a few simple clicks.

Affordable and Worth It:
Their prices won't break the bank, and the value you get is worth every penny. Rest assured, your investment is in good hands!

Domain Variety:
Find the perfect domain name for your business with their diverse range of options. Your online identity will be as unique as you are!

Effortless Website Building:
Building a website is a breeze with their user-friendly website builder. No rocket science here—just easy, enjoyable website creation in no time!

GoDaddy Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do GoDaddy coupons work with my domain name?

Absolutely! Coupons and special offers are applicable to various domain types like .com, .net, .org, and more. Just pop in the coupon code when you're creating a new account or buying a domain you already have. Easy peasy!

2. How long do GoDaddy promo codes typically last?

Sure! Some coupon codes last a short while, but others stick around for a good while until a certain date. 

3. Can I use GoDaddy coupons for extra savings?

 Absolutely! If you're shopping at GoDaddy, you can use special codes to save some money. Just type in the code when you're checking out, and you'll see the price drop. Happy savings! 

4. How often does GoDaddy update its offers?

 Go Daddy always has fresh deals coming your way. Keep checking in to snag the coolest offers!

 5. What is the latest GoDaddy hosting offer?

Save big on hosting! Get up to 40% off when you choose a long-term plan or package. Visit our website for all the details. Happy savings!

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