10% Cashback With Swiggy HDFC Credit Card: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you a food lover who frequently orders from Swiggy? If so, you're in for a treat! HDFC Bank has partnered with Swiggy to offer a fantastic deal to its credit cardholders. With the HDFC Bank Credit Card, you can enjoy a 10% cashback on various Swiggy services, including food ordering, Instamart, Dineout, and Genie. In this blog post, we'll break down all the details you need to know about this exciting offer.

What are the key benefits of Swiggy HDFC Credit Card?

The Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card offers cashback rewards in three different categories:

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10% Cashback on Swiggy Services: You can earn a 10% cashback when you use your HDFC Bank Credit Card to make payments on the Swiggy application. This cashback can be redeemed as Swiggy Money, which can be used for future transactions on Swiggy.


5% Cashback on Online Spends: When you use your HDFC Credit Card for online transactions across various online Merchant Category Codes (MCCs), you'll receive a 5% cashback. Make sure to check the list of eligible MCCs to take full advantage of this offer.

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  1. 1% Cashback on Other Categories: For all other categories of spending, you'll still receive a 1% cashback.

Welcome Benefit Upon card activation, you will receive a complimentary Swiggy One Membership for 3 months, as per the latest RBI guidelines.

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Additional Features

Here are some additional features of the Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card:

Zero Lost Card Liability: If you lose your card and report it immediately to the 24-hour call center, you won't be held liable for any fraudulent transactions.

Interest-Free Credit Period: Enjoy up to 50 days of interest-free credit from the date of purchase, subject to the submission of charges by the merchant.

Revolving Credit: You can avail of revolving credit at a nominal interest rate. Check the Fees and Charges section for more details.

Know More About The Card Details

Eligibility Criteria for Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card

Swiggy, in collaboration with HDFC Bank, offers a credit card that caters to the dining and food delivery needs of its customers. If you're interested in applying for the Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card, here are the eligibility criteria you need to meet:

For Salaried Indian Nationals:

  1. Age Requirement: Applicants must be a minimum of 21 years old and should not exceed 60 years of age at the time of application.

  2. Indian Citizenship: You must be an Indian national to be eligible for this credit card.

  3. Income Threshold: Your net monthly income should be greater than ₹25,000 to qualify for the Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card. This ensures that you have a stable source of income to manage your credit card expenses.

For Self-Employed Indian Nationals:

  1. Age Requirement: Similar to salaried individuals, self-employed applicants should also be at least 21 years old and must not be older than 65 years at the time of applying.

  2. Indian Citizenship: As with salaried individuals, you need to be an Indian national to be eligible.

  3. Income Tax Returns (ITR): To qualify for this credit card, self-employed individuals are required to have a minimum annual Income Tax Return (ITR) of Rs 6 Lakhs or more. This ensures a certain level of financial stability.

Swiggy Money Redemption & Validity

Cashback earned on the Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card can be redeemed as Swiggy Money on the Swiggy app for various services. Keep in mind that cashback is not applicable on transactions less than Rs. 100. Swiggy Money expires after one year of earning the cashback.

Understanding the Fees and Charges of Swiggy HDFC Credit Card

Are you considering applying for the Swiggy HDFC Credit Card? It's important to be aware of the various fees and charges associated with this card to make an informed decision. Let's break it down point by point:

  1. Joining Fee: The initial cost to acquire the Swiggy HDFC Credit Card is ₹500, which is a one-time joining fee. This fee is payable when you apply for the card.

  2. Renewal Membership Fee: After the first year, there is an annual renewal fee. The exact amount of this fee may vary and is subject to applicable charges.

  3. Fee Waiver Opportunity: There's good news for those who actively use their Swiggy HDFC Credit Card. If you spend ₹2,00,000 or more within a year, before your credit card renewal date, you can get your renewal fee waived off. This incentive encourages cardholders to use their card for various transactions.

  4. Exclusions for Fee Waiver: To be eligible for the renewal year fee waiver, it's essential to note that certain types of transactions are excluded. These exclusions include:

  • Cash on Call: If you utilize the "Cash on Call" feature, those transactions won't count towards the ₹2,00,000 spending threshold for fee waiver eligibility.
  • Balance Transfer: If you opt for a balance transfer, the transferred amount won't be considered when calculating your spending for the fee waiver.

  • Cash Withdrawal: Cash withdrawals using your Swiggy HDFC Credit Card also do not contribute to the ₹2,00,000 spending requirement.

In summary, the Swiggy HDFC Credit Card comes with a nominal joining fee and an annual renewal fee, subject to applicable charges. However, if you spend ₹2,00,000 or more in a year and exclude specific transaction types like Cash on Call, Balance Transfer, and Cash Withdrawals, you can enjoy the benefit of having your renewal fee waived. This card can be an excellent choice for individuals who frequently use it for their day-to-day expenses and enjoy dining and food delivery benefits from Swiggy. Make sure to review all the terms and conditions before applying to understand the complete fee structure and benefits of the card.

 Swiggy HDFC Credit Card FAQs

Q1.Can I apply for this card if I already have an HDFC Credit Card?
Absolutely! If you already have an HDFC Credit Card, you can still apply for the Swiggy HDFC Credit Card.

Q2. How and where do I receive my cashback?
Your cashback is credited to your Swiggy Money account within 10 days of your monthly statement date. You can access it through the 'My Accounts' section on the Swiggy App.

Q3. Where can I use my CashBack?
You can use your cashback to pay for various things like food orders, groceries, dining out, and Swiggy Genie orders. You'll see your Swiggy Money balance automatically when you're making a payment for an order or by visiting the Swiggy Money section in the Swiggy app.

Q4. In which categories on Swiggy will I get 10% CashBack?
You'll receive a 10% cashback on certain categories on Swiggy, including Food, Instamart, Dineout, and Genie. Swiggy will regularly update the list of categories that qualify for this cashback.

Q5. What types of online spending will earn me 5% cashback??
You'll get 5% cashback for online spending in categories like apparels, electronics, entertainment, online pet stores, local cabs, department stores, home decor, pharmacies, personal care, and discount stores.


In conclusion, the Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card is a fantastic choice for food enthusiasts who love to order from Swiggy. With the 10% cashback offer and various other benefits, it provides a delightful dining experience while saving money. So, why wait? Apply for the Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card today and savor your favorite dishes with incredible savings!

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